Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sparkly Initial Decorations {Day 11 - 12 Days of Christmas at Sprout's House}

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Day 11 of Twelve Days of Christmas is a bit of a glitter fest….

What you need –
Time: From 15 to 60 minutes

Method 1 – Super Quick!

Take your letter and lightly spray with a base coat. I used silver, but you could use gold, red, green or whatever fits in with your Christmas colour scheme! Allow to dry and repeat with another coat if needed. Then spray with glitter spray. Repeat until it is as glittery as you want.

Method 2 – More Labour Intensive!

Brush a small section of your letter with glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Continue until the whole letter is covered. Allow to dry. Then filled in any gaps or awkward spots with glitter glue in the same colour and use a brush to smooth it out.

A perfect way to add glitter to your Christmas - stand on a mantel piece or attach some ribbon and hang on your tree!

Sprout’s House

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