Monday, 5 August 2013

Just Begin....

Well, howdy folks!  How have you all been?  I’m sure that you guessed from my absence that I was on holiday and not kidnapped by aliens!!  It was our first proper holiday as a family and we went to the South of France, but more on that later!

Now, that we’re back in the real world this month’s

seems particularly apt.

I have lots of things that I need to just get on with - Just Begin.  Top of the list is conquering the PaperHell pile.  Oh yes, that really is still hanging over me.  

I’m not sure how many months it has been since I blogged about it - I'm trying to block it from my mind!!  But this is the week when I’m going to finally get it all sorted!!

I’ve also got a few DIY type tasks to tick off my list like re-painting our garden benches – there is one in particular that is looking very forlorn.  We have also been given the original house sign which needs a good clean up and paint.

Inside, I need to paint the welsh dresser that we bought a few months back

 as well as tackle the desk that we bought Sprout!!

As far as the house goes, I mentioned here that we were looking into getting a new boiler.  However, after receiving three vastly differing quotes alongside three vastly different suggestions as to how we can heat the house most efficiently we have put this plan on hold for the moment.  Ultimately, the boiler is going to move from its present position so for the moment it makes sense for us to replace it when we carry out all the other plumbing work around the house.  Our new game plan is to investigate replacing all the windows, so over the next few weeks we’ll be getting some people into quote.  Fingers crossed the quotes won’t be too bankrupting!!....

All window recommendations gratefully received!! Let me know if you have any!! 

Sprout’s House

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