Wednesday, 21 August 2013

It's Getting Hot in Here.....

Or not!  Sprout's House whilst cozy is not the warmest place in Winter, so earlier in the year  we decided that one of the first jobs we needed to undertake was to replace the boiler with a newer, more efficient and of course shinier version.  We quickly changed our minds once we had received three wildly differing quotes and sets of advice on how the work would be carried out.  So we’ve put that particular task on hold in favour of getting some new windows figuring that they’ll go at least part way to keeping the house a bit warmer.  However, as the window quotes have come in – gulp kerching, kerching, kerching – it’s going to be a while before we can afford to get them installed.

So a rethink was needed, rather than trying to keep the house warm I would have to settle with just keeping myself warm!  What a fantastic excuse to get a new coat!  And few days ago my gorgeous, new quilted jacket from Joules finally arrived.  To be honest, I have often popped into Joules to admire their range of jackets.  I love the way they have a traditional quilted exterior which reveals a splash of colour when unzipped.  I think it appeals to my ever so slightly rebellious side!!

I went for the Marcotte in Navy for two reasons – it has a hood and it also came up slightly longer than Joules’ other quilted jackets.  After all, I want to keep as much of me as warm as possible!!

Now, that we are nearing the end of summer I will definitely be looking to add some more Joules clothing to my wardrobe.  In fact, at the weekend I dropped some subtle hints to Sprout’s Daddy that I would like some new wellies from Christmas – I was holding the specific wellies at the time!  
Too subtle, do you think?.........

Sprout’s House


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