Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hallway Progress - Fireplace Excavation

It was an exciting Bank Holiday Monday for us!  Remember this?

Well, we dug it out!!  Sprout’s Daddy was armed and dangerous - he was on demo duty whilst I lugged all the rubble outside.  

Out came bricks, breeze blocks, old chimney pots, electrical wire, an Ovaltine lid, a hefty amount of concrete and loads and loads of soot!

In fact, all this came out.....

But it was definitely worth it!!  Look how beautiful the fireplace is now!!  You can also catch a glimpse of the floor tiles we found underneath the carpet.  I think it’s safe to say that they are not ‘keepers’ and we’ll be taking them up pronto.

At the moment, the inside of the fireplace is soaking wet so we’ve put a portable radiator inside and turned it on low to help it dry out a little. 

Whilst we were in the demolition mood, Sprout’s Daddy also took down the hall ceiling and exposed the beams.  We are hoping that we’ll be able to add some height to our ceilings by plastering between the beams.

It has been so satisfying to make some progress and we can’t wait to see what the lime plaster looks like when it goes on!

Sprout’s House

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  1. Isn't it amazing how much rubbish comes out of a fireplace?
    That will make a nice feature in the room now...nice oak lintel too.
    Julie x