Wednesday, 14 August 2013

French Style

We have just come back from our first ‘proper’ family holiday.  I say ‘proper’ as we flew to Thailand when Sprout was five and half months old to introduce her to her paternal grandparents.  On that holiday, my daddy also accompanied us so there were five of us on hand to deal with a very much smaller Sprout!  This time, there was just the two of us!!  We had a great time and have already started to cast our eye around to book somewhere for next year!

Here’s a little flavour of our trip….

We stayed with friends near Toulouse for a night as we travelled south and this was the view from their beautiful village....

Fabulous French front doors in a variety of colours - I particularly liked the green one which seemed to be painted with a wash rather than a solid colour.

Apparently, all the different styles of door knocker mean different things. A lady’s hand indicates that you are welcome to enter and a lion’s head means courage and royalty.

French shops signs - appropriately shabby chic in style.

We are toying with the idea of replacing the rubble wall at the front of the house with railings so found some inspiration whilst we were away.  These railings are probably a bit ornate for our little house, but it’s nice to get some ideas!

And finally the view from our apartment…..

Happy memories!!  
I hope you have some happy memories of your last holiday.

Sprout’s House


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