Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gonna Wash that Moss Right Out of my Hair!!

Happy mid-week everyone – only two days until the weekend!  Here’s another little update of the jobs we’ve been tackling recently.

Sprout’s House is detached so we have a side gate on both sides of the property. On the left, there is space to park our cars with a gate that leads through into the garden; on the right, it is much narrow and the gate leads through into a side passage where the oil tank (Yes, dear resident, I’ll be mentioning the oil tank at every opportunity – got to get my VFM somehow!!) is situated.  This side of the house is much more shady and sheltered hence it had built up quite a covering of moss and general gunk-i-ness!

So one of the most satisfying jobs has been using a pressure washer to clean all that moss away!

A little bit of progress – you can see the section around the broom is so much cleaner!

However……it did take nearly a whole afternoon and you can see from the pics below that there are some areas that need going over again.  Plus, there were some loud-ish mutterings from Sprout’s Daddy about how our water meter was probably spinning out of control!!!......

Some dirty welly action…..

.....and a Sprout set of toes!

Sprout’s House


P.S For those who are interested this is the pressure washer  I used - 

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