Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Purchasing Highlight of my Year - so far!

Happy weekend everyone – hope you have had a good one! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks and not much time to update you with some of the bits and pieces that we have accomplished. 

However, I just wanted to fill you in on the ‘highlight of my purchasing year’ so far – are you reading the sarcasm yet? You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you finally buy something you have been hankering after?  A fantastic pair of shoes, a beautiful dress or even just the latest bestseller!

Well, what can I say about this purchase?  It is certainly going to give me a warm feeling, but I can’t say I feel particularly fuzzy about it!!  Can you guess what it is yet?

Isn’t it just the most beautiful specimen you have ever seen?  The green really brings out the colours of the flowers etc etc!!....  

But enough of the jesting - we have purchased a brand spanking new oil tank!  Woo Hoo!! 

"Mummy, I think the tank is just perfect, but maybe is should have been a little to the right."
Whilst it is not the most expensive purchase we are going to have to make it is one of those things that we really needed to ensure we complied with the current regulations as well as to improve our oil consumption which frankly was nearly bankrupting us!  However, unlike a pair of shoes which you get to wear and stare at it is one of those acquisitions where you think I really do have better things to spend my hard earned money on!! But hey ho, hopefully it will save us money in the long run!

Next, on our ‘to do’ list is to install a beautiful shiny, new boiler.  Another rather boring but necessary buy, however it should save us even more money.  Unfortunately, the three quotes that have we have received are what you might call eye-watering and are going to involve some saving up, so we are hoping that this might happen in September/October just in time for winter!

Anyone else bought something ‘boring’ recently? Let me know if it was as boring as mine!!

Have a good week peeps!

Sprout’s House

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