Sunday, 9 June 2013

Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Over the Bank holiday, we did a spot of socialising so Sprout’s Aunty and I experimented with a Sprout friendly recipe!

The recipe can be found in Nigella Express or on Nigella’s website.
{We didn’t make the hot chocolate sauce as we were having the brownies for afternoon tea.}

  • Quick and easy to make!
  • Deliciously gooey and moreish!
  • We successfully substituted butter for Pure Sunflower Spread.

  • The brownies were almost too gooey - we ended up serving them crumbled!

This picture says it all....

The baking parchment was nearly impossible to remove and resulted in us having to perform several risky plate swapping manoeuvres in order to turn the brownies upside down in an attempt take the parchment off. However, this may have been user error as we used the sunflower spread to grease the tins and baking parchment. Next time, we’ll try using foil or grease proof paper and perhaps grease with sunflower oil!

These brownies are delicious and work just as well served for afternoon tea as they would do for a pudding. 
Go on - you know you want to try them!

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