Saturday, 18 May 2013

Beachcomber Banana Bread

Sprout loves any kind of making or baking at the moment. In particular, one of her and her Daddy’s morning rituals is that she makes him a cup of tea!!!!..... Half of you have just thought how cool, and the other half have winced at the thought of her wielding a kettle of boiling water! Unfortunately, I’m going to have to disappoint/reassure all of you - it’s not that cool and she doesn’t get to pour the water into the cup, but she does choose him a teabag and spoon a teaspoon of sugar into his cup…and that’s cool enough for me!

So this afternoon has been spent testing another recipe suitable for Sprout’s little tummy. 

Here’s the recipe from The Intolerant Gourmet.

  • All the ingredients are easily sourced from your local supermarket. In fact, the only ingredient we had to buy was the agave syrup.
  • This is a dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, yeast free, egg free and soy free! (We did use real eggs though!)
  • It was delicious….we barely waited for it to cool down before having a taste and it certainly didn’t last long!!

  • Our cake was quite moist even though we cooked it for longer than the recipe stated…..however Sprout’s Daddy did deviate from the recipe by adding some of Willie’s Cacao Chef’s Drops, so the extra moistness was definitely our fault.

  • It may not look pretty or be beautifully presented, but half eaten, half an hour out of the oven that’s a pretty sound recommendation!

Are you tempted? We’ll definitely be making this again.....and sticking to the recipe!!

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