Thursday, 30 May 2013

Spring Cleaning ~ Part 2

Phew! It has been a two day cleaning extravaganza!  To say that I’ve enjoyed it would be a massive over statement, but it has been immensely satisfying to suck up all that dust (the perils of having very old carpets!) and get everything organised!

I’ve managed to cross lots off my list - so far our bedroom, Sprout’s room, the bathroom, the spare room, the sitting room and the coat room have been cleaned and re-organised.

Before - yup this is real life folks!!


There are also two big achievements I'm really pleased with -
  • I’ve managed to whittle our three rather fancy wardrobes down to 2! Yee Haa!!
  • I’ve rearranged a corner of our bedroom, and used some of our wedding presents to create one of the nicest little spaces our house has at the moment.  Adding some lovely lamps and a gorgeous mirror to our chest of drawers has momentarily quelled my need to feel like we are making progress with our renovations.



Today’s list includes the hallway, the dining room, the downstairs bathroom and loo plus Sprout’s playroom – Time to power through people!!

How’s your spring cleaning going? Hope you’ve managed to do a little bit!

Sprout’s House


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