Sunday, 12 May 2013

New Recipe Feature!

Drum roll please……

It’s finally here…… A huge……

Thank you so much to everyone who voted in my poll, and a special even bigger thank you to those of you who came up with a selection of even better names! If you missed the back story to this post click here!

So after a lot of umm-ing and a bit or err-ing I finally settled on

Sprout’s Sensations!!
There was another name that I really liked too and it was definitely a strong contender, but I’m going to save that for another occasion.

So on to the important bit – the recipes. Since throwing the no dairy no wheat thing out there I’ve been cooking up a bit of a storm in the kitchen in an effort to produce food that Sprout will like and therefore eat. The good news is that her mucus–i-ness has dried up - yee haa, the bad news is that sometimes she likes the recipes…… and sometimes she doesn’t……and quite a lot of the time what she liked the other day she doesn’t like today….. hey ho that’s the job of a typical three year old!

One of the first recipes we – and that’s the royal we as Sprout’s Daddy cooked the dish that appears in these photos although I have cooked it since then – cooked was one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipes from her new book It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes that Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great

Here’s the recipe.

  • Delicious, satisfying and hearty. I’m pretty sure this would satisfy the most dedicated carb eater.
  • We’ve eaten it on its own, and also with baked potatoes and green beans.
  • All the ingredients are readily available with quite a few already in most people’s cupboards eg s and p, chicken stock, olive oil, cumin etc. Although I have to confess to omitting the saffron due to the cost and the fact we never use it for anything else.
  • Plus my initial scepticism that the recipe contained 6 cloves of garlic and a whole packet of coriander was totally unfounded – yum!

  • Long preparation time! The lamb needs a minimum of 6 hours (preferably overnight) to marinate. So you need to prepare this the day before, and if your meat needs to defrost too you’ll need another 6 ish hours on top of this.
  • Then it takes one and half hours to cook, then another half hour once you’ve thrown the squash and chickpeas into the pot.
  • In short, plan ahead and allow a lot of time!

  • Nothing ugly about this dish unless you count our left overs!!

This dish has definitely made it on to our list of regular recipes! Have I convinced you? Try it out and let me know what you think.

Sprout’s House

P.S. If Sprout’s Sensations was your suggestion let me know!

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