Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Gardening

How’s your bank holiday been? I hope you’ve had a chance to sit back and enjoy the time off!! Sprout has been enjoying the sun with some paddling pool action yesterday and a trip to the playground today. Isn’t it nice to go outside without having to pile on the layers and put up with the cold?

So all in all a chilled out weekend.....until I decided over lunch today that I couldn’t stand the trees at the end of the garden a moment longer. These are the culprits….

Four rather sad looking conifers that have taken over the flower bed at the top of the garden.

Sprout’s Aunty and I wielded a saw, a pair of secateurs and a glove each - the expression all the gear and no idea springs to mind or perhaps that should be half the gear in the case of the gloves!......

However, in a matter of about 20 minutes we had dispatched all the trees leaving four stumps ready to dig up.

Here’s a couple of after photos –

The photos don’t show the full effect, but in real life it really opens up this part of the garden and also gives the other plants a chance to grow properly. Another unforeseen bonus - we managed to cut up some of the trunks to use for fire wood!

Did anyone else do a little impromptu demolition over the weekend?

Sprout’s House

P.S ‘Tis the season of reports and exam marking so posts might be a little haphazard over the next three or four weeks whilst I tackle them!

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