Saturday, 20 April 2013

What's cooking?

Well......okay that's a slight over exaggeration, but nothing with dairy or wheat in it that's for sure!!! Following a long, hard winter of continuous colds, flu and the norovirus, Sprout and I took a little trip to see a nutritionist so we could start to lay the groundwork for a healthy and germ free winter later this year.

The upshot being that Sprout now takes a multivitamin, fish oil capsules and a probiotic supplement to increase the good bacteria in her tummy. What I hadn’t realised fully is that once you take antibiotics it kills all your good bacteria too, and it can very hard to get these back especially in a small person.

Some of you may know that Sprout is already dairy-free as we have found that it seems to make her very snotty, but we have now been advised to eliminate wheat too. This was definitely something that I had hoped to avoid as I’m not really keen on ruling out whole food groups never mind two of them, but if it improves her health then it has to be worth doing.

However, it does throw up a few issues!!

So as I’m going to be experimenting with lots of new recipes, I thought I would introduce a new food feature at Sprout’s House called 
Sprout's Spread.....
or should it be Sprout's Smorgasbord.....
or maybe Sprout's Mishmash/Smishsmash(is that even a word?). 

Don't judge me......I know I might be (okay I'm definitely) scraping the barrel with these suggestions, but I quite like the idea of the name including some sort of alliteration.

However, I need some help (isn't it obvious)!!!??? Here's what I'd like you to do - take part in the first ever poll at Sprout's House (Yay!!) by voting for the name you like the most......
Or if you’re not keen on any of these add your own suggestion to the poll. 

All ideas welcome!!

Sprout’s House

UPDATE: Sprout's Sensations, Simply Sprout and Sprout's Scrumptious Snacks have all been suggested as alternative names. Feel free to vote for any of these by filling in the 'other' box in the poll.

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