Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sprout's Playroom

We’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks to give Sprout her own space to play in. You’ll remember from this post that she had this tiny little corner in which to store her toys.

Another downside was that it was upstairs, so we spent a lot of time carrying toys up and down the stairs as well as having to put up with toys strewn all over our sitting room – not conducive to relaxing in the evenings!

So we culled a load more boxes from one of the backrooms and stuffed everything that we couldn’t throw out into the dining room. Currently, it’s not even ‘standing room only’ so I just keep the door closed. Out of sight, out of mind - ish!!!

Anyway, it’s a much nicer bigger space for Sprout to play in. At the moment, it is carpeted in green fuzzy tiles that are a bit grim to be honest so we used these foam letters to cover up most of the tiles. They also provide a nice even surface to do jigsaws and layout her train track on.

As you can see, we are lacking any real storage space so are mainly relying on wicker baskets, which we are fast out growing. However, a little Sunday afternoon trip to a house clearance yard resulted in an unexpected purchase. We pick it up on Friday so pictures to follow soon!!

Sprout’s House

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