Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Birthday Dilemma....

How time has flown!! In just over a month, Sprout will celebrate her 3rd birthday. I am keeping everything crossed that this might signal the end of the terrible twos…..somehow I think I might be disappointed though!! On the plus side, Sprout can now hold conversations and even tell me a little bit about her day when she comes home from nursery.

With her birthday looming, we were keen to get her something that wouldn’t cost the earth, would be useful and that would be long lasting. Costing the earth wasn’t going to be a problem as there are plenty of cheap toys about, but useful and long lasting are slightly more difficult boxes to tick when combined with a limited budget. However, we spied this on ebay….. was cheap, will definitely be useful and should last Sprout a few years before she grows out of it. 

Cue the good ol’ fashioned double desk. Yes, I know it looks pretty revolting at the moment (in fact the pictures don't do its revolting-ness justice!!), but after a good sand and a fresh coat of paint I think it will look great.

However, there is one fatal flaw in the plan! 
I have absolutely no idea what colour to paint it! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Sprout’s House


  1. It's pretty retro looking so keep with the grain and paint the top RED (will fend off crayon marks nicely and unisex for further siblings). maybe keep the legs white? : This inspire you at all?

    1. Thanks, Liza! You've definitely given me some inspiration. Love your collection of red and aqua!!