Saturday, 1 September 2012

More money making ideas…..

Hmm…… so you own this riveting selection of books ……

Money making ideas Sprout's House
Sprout’s Daddy can take all the credit for these titles!

 and you need to fund the cost of moving house. What do you do?


And of course the bonus of selling is that you don’t end up having to pay for the pleasure of moving these items at a later date. In my book(!) that makes it a win win situation.

Continuing with the theme of trying to rid our house of as much junk as possible Sprout’s Daddy has set up a seller’s account with Amazon in order to sell some of his books. It’s easy to do as you simply login into your Amazon account and click Your Account in the right hand corner of the screen. Then there is a box entitled Your Other Accounts where you can either choose Your Trade-in Account or the Sell your Stuff option.

Your Trade-in Account
Here you can trade-in books and video games in return for a Gift Card to spend on whatever you like on Amazon. Helpfully, Amazon also includes a list of your last few purchases so that you can easily trade-in these items without having to search for them. Otherwise all you need to do is search for your item by title, keyword or ISBN and click the Trade-in button. Once your items are received and approved, the Gift Card will automatically be added to your account.

Sell your Stuff
This option allows you to sell a wider variety of items from older books, DVDs and electronics to DIY, and home and garden items. Choose the product you want to sell, answer questions about its condition, select your delivery method then list your item. Easy!

In the past, we’ve also had great success with musicMagpie. This time you enter the barcode of a CD, DVD or Game you want to sell and it will give you the trade-in price. You need to enter a minimum of 10 items to complete your trade-in. Sending your items is completely free and if you're selling more than 25 items musicMagpie will send a courier to pick them up for free.

Please bear in mind that just like ebay you will have to pay fees whether they are incorporated into the trade-in price or just a percentage of the price you sell the item for! However fees aside, the convenience of selling from the comfort of your own home definitely makes me a convert!!

Have you made any extra money recently? Let me know if you have any great ideas for money making schemes and get the chance to share your tips at
Sprout’s House.

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